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Triad Living Article on the Bob MacKay Memorial Golf Tournament
Read more about the MacKay Foundation in Triad Living (2 MB PDF)

Friends of the MacKay Foundation

Since our first golf tournament held in 1994, we are proud to be the recipient of the generosity of corporations, organizations and individuals who share in our mission and dream. They have honored us with major contributions which benefit cancer research and education. Because of their efforts, we are able to continue to fund essential research and to ensure that new research projects will have the seed funding to move forward.

The MacKay Foundation for Cancer Research Privacy Policy
The MacKay Foundation for Cancer Research does not disclose, give, sell or transfer any personal information with any individual, organization or company unless required by law to do so. We maintain this same privacy policy with regards to our donors.

When You Make a Donation
When you make a donation, you automatically become a part of a list to receiving mailings from the MacKay Foundation for Cancer Research should we have an event. If you prefer not to receive invitations to participate in or support any of our fundraising efforts, we will gladly remove your name from this list should you notify us to do so. If your donation information includes an e-mail address, you may also elect not to receive notification of these mailings by e-mail. We may also contact you by e-mail or phone should we have a question regarding your gift. For memorial and honor donations received, we will provide the name and address of the donor to the family or recipient specified by the donor for gift acknowledgement.